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Oleoweb Steel Reservoir


Oleoweb Part Number – 17900002

Oleoweb Description –  TNK Steel Reservoir

Capacity – 2 Lt

Breather – 1/4″ BSP

Hand Pumps:-

Download PDF STEP Format

PMS12-P-RV / PMS25-P-RV / PMS45-P-RV

PM20 / PM50 / PM70-P

PMS12-P / PMS25-P / PMS45-P

PME2-20 / PME2-30 / PME2-40

PMI12 / PMI25 / PMI45

In order to constantly improve the quality of our products, we retain the right to make changes to the products and specifications at any time without prior notice.

Customers have the responsibility to continuously check all the information on all data sheets.


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