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From it’s conception in 2014 MA Hydraulics Ltd have sold 181 MIA-FD. If you have an application where absolute accuracy is required when dividing flow, then the MIA-FD is your answer.

  • MVA – standard flow divider
  • MVE – flow divider with command connection (up to 50 l/min) which includes:
  • pressure relief valve
  • flow rate valve and unidirectional flow rate adjustment to lead the reunification phase

Each MIA-FD element is a single independent unit, to which you can add or remove valves and controls. We have perfected this model by inserting CETOP connections that allow the use of the flow divider as a manifold system. In fact, each element can have added valves and other modular elements with CETOP NG6, ISO 4401-03-02-0-05. The individual elements when assembled form a real compact manifold, which is easy to install.

For more information contact our MIA expert Robert Chambers who will be able to answer any questions.

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