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High Pressure Seal

High Pressure Seal For Group 2 & Group 3 Motors


High Pressure Seal

This seal can be used with group 2 and group 3 motors. It can only be used with flanges 36.5 and 50.8.

As a standard practice, Vivoil motors are equipped with an oil seal with a supporting washer, ensuring effective pressure sealing of up to 6 bar continuously.

However, we also offer an optional high-pressure oil seal, specifically designed to provide sealing capabilities of up to 25 bar continuously at 1500 rpm.

Integrating this optional feature is recommended for unidirectional motors operating with drainage pressures up to 25 bar, as well as reversible motors that handle drainage pressures within the same range.

In addition to the high-pressure oil seal, another optional feature we highly recommend for hydraulic motors operating in challenging conditions is the utilization of VITON® gaskets, high-performance fluoroelastomers renowned for their resistance to heat and chemicals. These gaskets make motors more resistant to oils at higher temperatures, enhancing performance and improving durability.

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